AM Epiphany July 8, 2008

Spend less time concerning yourself with who is causing strife and more time pondering who is promising eternal life… John 3:16…


I have been working on writing my personal testimony – how God has moved in my life – how I got to where I am today.  My repugnance grows as I look back on past seasons of my selfish life.  I am utterly  disgusted with who I used to be.  I do not want to glorify my past.

Photographs tend to glorify whatever it is they are of.  I want so badly to erase the photographs taken during those dark years of my life.  But as I look at the images and ponder the action of deleting them, I realize that they are a witness of where God has rescued me from.  If I erase those images then I am silencing the witness.

By the power and grace of God, my life is a living testimony of Ezekiel 11:19,20; 36:24-27

Fight the Good Fight

Fight the good fight with all thy might,
Christ is thy strength and Christ thy right;
Lay hold on life and it shall be
Thy joy and crown eternally.

Run the straight race through God’s good grace;
Lift up thine eyes, and seek His face.
Life with its path before us lies;
Christ is the way, and Christ the prize.

Cast care aside, lean on thy guide;
His boundless mercy will provide;
Trust, and the trusting soul shall prove
Christ is its life, and Christ its love.

Faint not, nor fear, His arms are near;
He changeth not and thou art dear.
Only believe, and thou shalt see
That Christ is all in all to thee.

– John S. B. Monsell (1811 – 1875)

you are an original

“You are an original.”  – Auntie Kamakawiwo’ole, bio-chemist, 7:30p 9/8/2010

These words have had a profound effect upon my psyche.  Mainly because all of my life I have been trying to fit in – fit in to the world’s definition of life, love, happiness, health, success, beauty.  Worry and fear of what others may think of me has become ingrained within my subconscious.  Even though I’ve always said, “I don’t care what anyone thinks,” I’m learning that in fact, I do care what everyone thinks.  We may not want to admit it, but if we grew up in this world, we all care about what everyone thinks.  It’s part of us whether we like it or not because the world has taught us that if we don’t fit in then we are at worst psychotic and at best unpopular.

When I heard the words “you are an original” from the mouth of a bio-chemist, my mouth dropped, my mind opened, and I realized my uniqueness as one of God’s creations and my purposeful place in His Story of Redemption.  Each and every one of us is an original.  Like snowflakes – not one carbon copy of another.  Each one completely unique in design.  Each one part of God’s plan.

All that I know is I’m breathing

He sustains His breath in me.  I am humbled.  I am thankful for this life.

“The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.”  Job 33:4

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