Discovering My Passion To Sew

This past year, 2013, I rediscovered one of my hidden passions. I began to learn how to sew! By taking a sewing class with a few other ladies, I found myself growing more and more excited about using my hands to create beautiful, functional and practical items using fabric and thread. Since last spring, I have successfully accomplished the construction of a quilt and matching pillow case, pants for my nephew, a blouse for my niece, as well as several aprons and potholders, and other assorted little projects.

Learning to SewThe internet has been a huge resource in helping me get over the nervous jitters of trying to teach myself a skill that has been a mystery to me all these years. I found a ton of wonderful free patterns that I was able to download to my computer. Most of them are still there collecting pixel dust on my hard-drive. But I have sewn a couple of really wonderful patterns I found, to challenge myself specifically in the realm of clothing construction. Those pants I mentioned have been the most challenging mainly because the directions were difficult for me to follow.

Up to the spring of last year, I had been successful at hiding this inner desire from myself behind the busyness of life-in-general. I had seen my mom sewing my garments as a child and had always wanted to learn how to sew my own garments. However, as the days flew by and I grew up, it became more and more difficult to find the time to make sewing a priority in my life.

I am so happy to say that this has finally changed! My goal for 2014 is to begin sewing garments for adults, specifically for myself and my husband. I have a dream of one day creating a line of graceful and modest, Kingdom-inspired, linen garments for men and for women. I am hoping that the Wardrobe Architect project over at the Coletterie will help get me pointed in that direction.

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