The Work of the Spirit of God

An excerpt from Sermon #921, by C.H. Spurgeon, delivered to a faithful audience on March 20, 1870.
     VERY often we address the Gospel to the chief of sinners; we believe it to be our duty to do this with the greatest frequency; for did not our Lord, when bidding His disciples to preach the Good News in every place, use the words, “beginning at Jerusalem”? Where the chief of sinners lived, there was the Gospel first to be preached; but at the same time it would show great lack of observation if we regarded all mankind as being equally gross, open offenders against God; it would not only show a lack of wisdom, but it would involve a lack of truthfulness, for though all have sinned and deserve the Wrath of God, yet all unconverted men are not precisely in the same condition of mind in reference to the Gospel.
     In the parable of the sower we are taught that before the good seed fell upon the field at all, there was a difference in the various soils; some of it was stony ground, another part was thorny, a third was trodden hard like a highway, while another plot is described by our Lord as “honest and good ground.” Although in every case the carnal mind is enmity against God, yet are there influences at work which in many cases have mitigated, if not subdued, that enmity. While many took up stones to kill our Lord, there were others who heard Him gladly; while to this day thousands reject the Gospel, there are others who receive the Word with joy! These differences we ascribe to God’s Prevenient Grace; we believe, however, that the subject of these differences is not aware that Grace is at work upon him; neither is it precisely Grace in the same form as Saving Grace, for the soul under its Power has not yet learned its own need of Christ, or the excellence of His Salvation.
     There is such a thing as a preparatory work of Mercy on the soul, making it ready for the yet higher work of Grace, even as the plowing comes before the sowing. We read in the narrative of the Creation that before the Divine Voice said, “Let there be light,” darkness was upon the face of the deep, yet it is added, “The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Even so in the darkness of human nature, whereas yet no ray of the Living Light of God has shone, the Spirit of God may be moving with secret Energy, making the soul ready for the hour when the true Light shall shine.
Drew Sanborn

Photograph by Drew Sanborn

I am very encouraged by these words, because I know that YHWH is already at work upon the hearts of those He has asked me to be a Light to. Let us rest in this beautiful truth, this Sabbath day, giving glory to God for the work He is doing within the hearts of men everywhere. HalleluYah. Amen.

Stages of Truth

I discovered another great quote today. Well, actually my husband sent it to me via email. Here it is…

“All truth passes through three stages:

First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

Thomas, my husband, and I have witnessed each of these stages of truth within our own lives. It’s amazing how time changes one’s perspective.

Sacred Flame

While worshipping God, I discovered a tune that I don’t know that has the most amazing lyrics.  I gotta learn the tune that goes to these words.  The words alone are beautiful, but to be able to sing them with all my heart and possible lung capacity, I can hardly wait for the day!  If anyone of you knows the tune to this hymn, please contact me.  You can go to the “About Janie” page for my contact info.  Thanks!

Fire of God, Thou Sacred Flame
by Albert F. Bayly  (1901-1984)

Fire of God, Thou sacred flame
Spirit who in splendor came,
Let Thy heat my soul refine
Till it glows with love divine.

Breath of God, that swept in power
In the pentecostal hour,
Holy Breath, be Thou in me
Source of vital energy.

Strength of God, Thy might within
Conquers sorrow, pain, and sin:
Fortify from evil’s art
All the gateways of my heart.

Truth of God, Thy piercing rays
Penetrate my secret ways.
May the light that shames my sin
Guide me holier paths to win.

Love of God, Thy grace profound
Knoweth neither age nor bound:
Come, my heart’s own guest to be,
Dwell forevermore in me.

(taken from the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, Hymn #263)

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