true humility comes the moment we admit that we are sinners and ask God to forgive us.  only then is God able to work a miracle of change in our hearts; only after we first submit, in humble thanksgiving, our hearts to Him.  {random thoughts written down in a little book = 3-13-2009}

stalking light {4/15/2010}

This then is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.  {I John 1:5}

quote from 1885

“Confound not faith and feeling together. They are distinct. Faith is ours to exercise. This faith we must keep in exercise. Believe, believe. Let your faith take hold of the blessing, and it is yours. Your feelings have nothing to do with this faith. When faith brings the blessing to your heart, and you rejoice in the blessing, it is no more faith, but feeling.”  {Ellen G. White; Testimonies for the Church Vol. 1, pg. 167}

what not to be…especially when it comes to Love!




1.  lacking courage or resolution; cowardly; faint-hearted; timid.
2.  proceeding from or indicating a cowardly spirit.


1580–90; < LL pusillanimis petty-spirited, equiv. to L pusill(us) very small, petty + -anim(is) -spirited, -minded (anim(us) spirit + -is adj. suffix); see -ous

—Related forms

pu·sil·lan·i·mous·ly, adverb


1. timorous, fearful, frightened.

pusillanimous. (n.d.). Unabridged. Retrieved April 06, 2010, from website:

{thank you Marc for this word of the evening}

{thank you Jesus for being the opposite of pusillanimous}

stalking light {4/4/2010}

waiting in faith

“One good rule to keep in mind is that there are no crises with God, for no human problem can baffle His wisdom.” –Who Waits in Faith by Harry Tippett

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